"Integrated Watershed Management Research and Development Capacity Building"

Project Type

Research, capacity building, and networking for Integrated Watershed Management at academic, governmental and local levels


Freie Universität Berlin (Applicant), Germany; Kenyatta Univeristy, Kenya; University of Cape Town, South Africa; University Yaounde I, Cameroon; IWM Expert GmbH, Germany


IWM Expert GmbH contracted by Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Physical Geography


July 2012 - June 2015


Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Cameroon


Volume: 380.000 € (300.000 € funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD | 80.000 € contribution of Freie Univeristät Berlin)


Building competences research, networking, and knowledge sharing for Integrated Watershed Management at four partner universities in Germany and Africa. Focus was on the interaction of the different stakeholder groups within and across the partnerin countries and how demand driven research and knowledge sharing assist the countries for better implementation of Integrated Watershed Management.


Conduction of multiple training workshops and project meetings; exchange of students, experts and lecturers; Research visits of German students to partner countries.


Approx. 10 Master Theses direct through the project; sensitisation of German students about challenges and opportunities in Africa; approx. 30 paticipants in partner countries trained; more than 30 exchange visits; development of webpage: www.iwm-network.org

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