Our Approach for Consulting Services

We are conducting a wide range of consultancy services due to the integrative and holistic approach towards integrated natural and water resources management.

Integrated Approach

Integrated Natural and Water Resources Management requires a sound understanding of socio-economic-ecologic interactions in defined management areas. Each of the three components are already extemly complex within their systems and are not yet fully understood (in terms of research) and modelled. The complexity is increasing by adressing all aspects in one system. We try to consider as much as possible in order to best understand the complexity and to consequently find best solutions.

Multi-level Participation

Multi-level participation is crucial for implementing Integrated Natural Resources Management and Integrated Watershed Management. We always bring together participants or generate teams composed of academicians, governmental bodies, regulating authorities, local community based organisations and the local communities. High level of participation of all is requested in order to share knowledge best.


Whenever possible and necessary we work in inter-disciplinary teams that incorporate experts from geography, civil engineering, social sciences, law, climatology, soil science, and agriculture. Inter-disciplinarity is also asked for capacity building and research workshops, where we invite participants from different professions.


Team working and team building is a must in all kind of activities. Additional workload to build teams and to cooperate with divers players is usually benefitting in much better project and capacity building results rather than working on individual base. Thus, we highly emphasise on diverse teams according the needs of a project.


E-Learning Workshop

DAAD Alumni from East Africa and Central Asia train the production of e-learning materials in Kenya without using the internet.


Participants from workshops and trainings conducted through me receive certificates from lecturers and experts of the workshops - here in Thika, Kenya.


Cultural Event: We visited a cultural exhibition in Kazakhstan during an international workshop on E-Learning for Integrated Watershed Management.

Field Camp

Fantastic field camp in the Tien Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan due to limited accommodation means. It was comfortable even with a tent sauna.

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