IWM Expert is a Freelancer company for capacity building, international development, and cooperation.

We focus on holistic aspects in international development and cooperation for ministries, universities, institutions, companies, and local communities. Integrated Natural and Water Resources Management is our primary subject that includes participatory, interdisciplinary and multi-level capacity building, consulting services, project management, and evaluations.


E-Learning Workshop

Participants from an international e-learning workshop train to produce an e-learning video on different interview styles.

Travelling in South Sudan

On the gravel road from Juba to Yei Town in South Sudan for GIZ mission to install a hydro-meteorological monitoring network.

CBO Meeting in Swaziland

Evaluation meeting with a local community based organisation regarding feasibility to implement Integrated Watershed Management in their sub-catchment.

In the Pamir

Mission to Khorog in Tajikistan to develop a water management plan in a water conflict zone of eight villages. View across the Pyandzh River towards Afghanistan.

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